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Monday, April 23, 2012

Music Monday #1

As you all know I am only a beginner, and now I am looking for new and more features to enhance my blog :) As you can see from my Divergent Book review, I have started out vlogging... and I want to continue searching for more things which will make my blog more interesting for my readers!
So I will be starting MEME's!

This Meme I found through Goodreads by a book blogger called Zowee's Bookshelf! I am not sure if it's originally hers, but when I saw it on her blog I found it a very good idea!

So here are the rules. You can either:

1 . Choose a song you find most fit to a book you have read, or
2 . Find a song which fits to a specific moment (long or short) in a book you have read

For this Monday, I will be choosing a song which I find fits most to a book I have read.

Song Title: Safe & Sound
Artists: Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars
Production: Big Machine Records, LLC
Book association: The Hunger Games Trilogy                                                             

This song reminds me of... you have probably guessed it... The Hunger Games trilogy! This one was obviously very easy to correlate with the books, as this is actually the soundtrack of The Hunger Games... so I cheated a little ;) But I love this song, and I want to share it with all of you readers who have not heard this song yet!

This is a beautiful but melancholy song. It really makes you picture every dramatic moment in the book (which basically is the entire book!). I think Taylor Swift did a great job. And the video clip of course is also very stunning, full with symbolism relating to the books.

What do you guys think about this song and its relation to The Hunger Games?

Until next time Peachy Readers!


  1. I LOVE this song and taylor swift, but I actually haven't read or seen the hunger games. Yes I've been living under a rock. I just finished finals for school. haha but speaking of songs that remind me of books... Lady Antebellum's song "I Run to You" reminds me of Kresley Cole's book, "A Hunger Like No Other." I remember the heroine, Emma, explaining that's how they know that they've met their mate - they'd always run into their arms. So every time I hear this song, I remember that story.

    1. Get from under that rock girl, and start reading The Hunger Games! Haha, I am sure I haven't been the first to tell you this! Have you seen the movie already? Better to see the book before the movie ;) I actually haven't read "A Hunger Like No other", is it good? I listened to the song "I Run to You", it sounds really nice! Very country, and I love country!

      Thanks for stopping by and see you around ;)

  2. I really like this song and i've only heard it one or two times its very catchy though.

    Loved the Hunger game books

    1. Same Elle :) I will definitely re-read them soon! We got to wait so long till the movie Catching Fire of The Hunger Games comes out (November 22, 2013!!) But just like the Harry Potter films it will keep the books alive and it will definitely be something to look forward to!