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I have often had the privilege to review books from various authors who in return asked for an honest and non biased review. I have immensely enjoyed reading their books and in turn writing a review for them has educated and developed myself into a better reviewer. Ever since I started this blog I have been so happy that I found my ideal hobby, and I only wish to continue this further into my future.

Hereby I would like to present testimonials which I have received from very generous authors. They have taken the time to write me these testimonials which not only serve as a reference (a source of dependability for future potential authors who would like to work with me), but also in means for personal feedback.

"Florentine of Readiculously Peachy is just amazing! When I approached her as a newly self-published author seeking a review - she was one of the first blogs I contacted personally - I was nervous. Well, I shouldn’t have been. Florentine was cheerful and friendly and through her messages, she set me at ease. Her reviews are thorough and honest, which is exactly what I was looking for. Although her turn around is quick, you can tell she takes time with each book in order to give a fair response.

If you’re an author (especially self-published), you are constantly on the prowl for reviewers who will take a chance on your book and give it the review it deserves – then look no farther than Readiculously Peachy!"

"In her book reviews, Florentine of Readiculously Peachy provides great attention to detail, a conscientious eye, and a kindly heart via her enjoyable website. Although she's unflinchingly honest in her review, Florentine manages to never be mean-spirited about any book. She is fantastic and timely about staying in touch with authors, always maintaining the lines of communication in an optimum, positive way. She's fast, fun, honest, and helpful... definitely, check out Readiculously Peachy!"

"For anyone looking for a reviewer who is friendly, dependable and committed (to reading, not to an institution), check out Florentine at Readiculously Peachy. I've had the experience (as most of us have) of reviewers who disappear in the night. Not so, with Florentine.Her work is timely, and she is open to running giveaways. Florentine's reading interests range from thriller to romantic, but you can check her website for more details.
If you're looking for a professional, prompt, and enthusiastic book reviewer for your book, I recommend Florentine at Readiculously Peachy. She's a pleasure to work with and honors her commitments."

"I saw a notice for Readiculously Peachy on The Book Review Yellow Pages, submitted a request for review of my book, Acting Obsessed the same day, and about ten days later the review appeared on Florentine’s great web site. The review was as honest and fair as any writer could want. It accurately summarized the plot, gave the reviewer’s reasoned and reasonable opinion about the story’s elements, and gave a recommendation.
Florentine’s web site is fun and lively. She has a perky style, and the site, as I could tell by her quick responses to my emails, is well run. Any author will tell you that it’s sometimes difficult to winkle a response out of your typical review web site. That reality makes Readiculously Peachy a pleasure to deal with."

"Readiculously Peachy is a wonderful website, and Florentine is great. I’m an author who was looking for readers to review my book(s). One day I came across this site and discovered Florentine was a book reviewer. I contacted her, and she graciously agreed to read my book(s).
I've dealt with many book reviewers and Florentine is one of the best. Not only is she reliable, she’s also considerate–she keeps you up to date on her schedule and will let you know when she starts reading your book. I appreciate that. She’s also brutally honest in her reviews, but she does it in a diplomatic way, and she never trashes a book. She will highlight the negative as well as the positive, in a well-thought out review. I would highly recommend her to do a book review."