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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Power of a Great Book

First of all I would like to apologize for my small hiatus since my last post! I have been so extremely busy with moving out of my studio, as I will be moving to London in a matter of 3 weeks! Also had a finance exam (mmm, my FAVORITE...) which occupied most of my free time! So: not a lot of reading, thus no new book reviews written yet :(  But hectic times are finally cooling down, permitting me to start writing more posts and reviews!!

Unfortunately this time I will not provide you with an amazing update of a book, or simply a book review... but instead I would really like to talk about an picture I found on the web the other day which I found very interesting and found myself relating to it...

This picture basically portrays how a book can extract you from your current life, and make you imagine a complete different world in your mind. It makes you escape reality for just that moment and engage into the book's adventures. I have not always been much of a book reader. The reason for this, I would like to believe, is that I have never really been familiar with which books intrigue me and I was never really aware of the fact of how books can genuinely influence you and put you in a better mood but also help you excel in any way possible by exercising your brain to think of everything but the ordinary. Once I started picking up reading again (since my English class in High School... oops!), I was just surprised of how much I actually enjoy reading and I almost hit myself in the head for not persuing in these books any sooner.
But none the less, here I am, reading great books again and starting up a blog revolving around nothing but these peachy books ;)

How do you feel about reading and what do you think about when you see this image?

Thank you so much for the increasing followes! I very much appreciate the attention from each and everyone of you!

Until next time Peachy Readers!