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Friday, March 29, 2013

Peachy Giveaway: $20 Amazon/B&N and 6 Mugs!

It's time for another great giveaway and this time it is EXTRA special as Deb Atwood, the fabulous author of Moonlight Dancer (a mystical and beautiful novel), will be giving away her book for free to all those who would like to read (and review) her book!

If you would like to receive a FREE copy of Moonlight Dancer, please  fill out your details in the contact box below. Please specify which format you prefer (ePub or Mobi) in the Comment field. Give the contact form some time to load (this may take a few seconds).

Synopsis: Kendra JinJu MacGregor can resist neither the antique Korean doll in the dusty warehouse nor the handsome Hiro Peretti who sells it to her.

Once she brings the doll home, Kendra pays little attention to misplaced objects or her beloved dog’s fear. That is, until one terrifying night forces her to question her very sanity. Soon, the ethereal, brooding NanJu manifests herself, and Kendra begins her travels through time to 16th century Korea into a history of conflict and intrigue. For Kendra is about to discover the dark past of her ghostly visitor.

Now it’s up to Kendra, with Hiro by her side, to interpret the past and prevent murder. Everything depends upon Kendra’s success, even—she discovers to her horror—her own life. - Goodreads

My rating: 4.5/5 -- Read my review HERE!

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The fun does not stop here! Deb Atwood will also be giving away one $20 Gift Card from either Amazon or Barnes and Nobles and alongside with that she is ever so kind to give away 6 {six} special Moonlight Dancer mugs for six lucky winners! A perfect mug to own while your reading Deb Atwood's Book with your favorite tea/coffee/drink :)
Please note that the Mug giveaway will only be eligible for those living in the United States!

Please take the time to read the Terms & Conditions of these giveaways below, before taking part of the giveaways!

Rules & Conditions

Giveaway prizes: 
$20 Gift Card from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles
6 {six} Mugs 

  • The "$20 Gift Card from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles"-giveaway will be Worldwide
  • The Mugs giveaway will be only for those living in the United States
  • You must be 18 years or older to enter the giveaways. So if you are younger, please ask your parent or guardian to enter yourself in the giveaway!
Giveaways duration: 
Starts at 12:00 AM PST on Friday, March 29th, 2013 and ends at 12:00 AM PST on Friday, April 12th, 2013. All times are Pacific Standard Times.

How do I enter?
  1. Log into Rafflecopter with your name and email or through Facebook.
  2. Participate in as many entries by clicking on the entries and following the instructions (following my blog is mandatory)
Please be aware that the Rafflecoptor form can take some time to load so please give it some time to appear on this page. Thank you.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or twitter. The Winner will be contacted by email 48 hours after the giveaway ends. The winner is chosen by so it is completely legit and non-biased-- so everyone has a fair chance of winning according to the amount of entries you made! 
So what are you waiting for and start entering the giveaways!!

Enter to win $20 Gift Card from Amazon or Barnes and Nobles

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter to win 1 {one} beautiful 'Moonlight Dancer by Deb Atwood' Mug

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone!


  1. Thank you for the giveaway, I love your blog!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway. What an awesome blog page.

  3. I just found your blog through a friend. I look forward to your blog as I am a new follower. Thank you for the chance to win.

  4. Ooo, I love giveaways and I really like coming to this blog! Thank you!

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  6. Wow Florentine what a beautiful blog page you made. Its really fun to read and to dicover all the nice images! Your design of your page is very original. I know for a fact that you put a lot of effort, time, patiente and love to make your page and especially the book revieuws worth reading it.
    With warm regards, Evita

  7. Thanks for the giveaway, what a fun blog

  8. I need to see in books some type of connection to the characters, if I cannot connect to them in some way I lose interest

  9. the most important aspect in a book for me is that it has to have characters I can relate to

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  11. Hi!!! I'm a new follower!!! Thanks for the giveaway! Here is the link to our blog if you'd like to take a look at it!

  12. Nice blog! I am a new follower. I love a book where the characters are people I can identify with.

  13. The most important aspect to me is a story that keeps me interested through the end.

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  14. Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway!

  15. Thank you for this giveaway.. the most important aspect for me is relatable characters. (:

  16. Thanks for sharing- love your blog design!

  17. I need to be able to understand the character: like their motives and feelings. You have a lovely blog.

  18. Thanks so much for another great giveaway! :)