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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Peachy News: Catching Fire Pictures! ** UPDATED**

Yes it's time for Peachy News and I found some really nice goodies this time related to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Some of these awesome and beautiful pictures were already put out on the World Wide Web, however Katniss' pictures is quite fresh and new!! So that's how the wedding dress looks like! So beautiful, but knowing the meaning behind it, it is still quite an eerie picture. I'm still waiting on Peeta's and Gale's pictures! Hopefully soon! And most important of all I'm still wait for the trailer to come out!! I'll keep my eyes peeled!! :)

Pictures from IMDB.
Please click on the picture to enlarge!

Quite artistic, huh? I for one love how they changed the type of chair for each character, almost portraying their characterization. I seriously cannot wait for the movie to come out, but November is still such a long wait! But like I always say, thankfully it's something fantastic to still look forward to!

What do guys think of this epic collage? 


Yess, the pictures of Gale and Peeta have arrived! And more are on their way!

Picture from The Hunger Games Facebook
Please click on the picture to enlarge!

What do you guys think of these two handsome men in their capitol portraits? Peeta is look really amazing in his white suit! Two very beautiful men!

More and more capitol portraits are popping up over the World Wide Web! Here again are a few new ones! Beetee, Johanna Mason and..?

Who's going to be next in that empty chair? If you have been paying attention to the chairs you already may know who it might be! Are you feeling the excitement already?? I definitely am! Keep checking back to see more Capitol Portraits appear!

Check out this combines photo of Peeta and Katniss together! Beautiful!

Picture from The Hunger Games Facebook and

And the next on is Finnick Odair!! Not too shabby looking, ey? ;)

This was it for today. Tomorrow they will share more Capitol Portraits of other characters! Can you guess who else they might make portraits of? There is one hint to give away:

Who do you think this chair belongs to? Some other hints: #HisEminence is #AdoredByAll.
Can you guess it? I definitely have my suspicions .. It will be portrayed tomorrow at 10am PT (that is at 6PM UK time!)

And... The last picture is of:

So these were the Capitol Portraits so far! There haven't been any hints so far of any other promotional goodies, but I will keep looking out for them ;)

So stay informed, and keep checking back here or follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get the updates!


  1. Hi Florentine, I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award :)
    Please follow the link for details:

    Cerian, The Rookie Romance Blog

    1. Wow thanks so much! I've already been nominated before but happy to be nominated again :) Thank you!

  2. Wow! :) These are beautiful pictures. I'm still can't decide the most beautiful yet. Sometimes I think it's Effie Trinket, but then Katniss looks amazing in that wedding dress. :)

    1. Yes Effie's picture is super magical! But for me Katniss takes the gold (no pun intended ;))

  3. Ooooh! I didn't realize how many profiles they had already released! Thanks for sharing! Love love love Katniss' wedding dress but I'm not a big fan of her make up. Favourite goes to Finnick, though. I was never really that happy with Finnick's casting but his profile is very convincing. Translation: He looks super hot ;) lol

    1. Hi Katrina! Yes I agree that Katniss' make-up is a bit different and very heavy! And Finnick's portrait also really convinced me more that he might be good for the part ;)

      Can't wait! :)

  4. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GAH!

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  6. Just found your blog and started following! I love it already :) I'd love it if you stopped by my page and let me know what you think! I just started it a couple weeks ago, so its a slow work in progress.

    Also, I am so excited for Divergent to become a movie!! I need to read it again soon!