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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Feature: Teaser Tuesday (from the book The Forgotten Queen by Annette Mackey)

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Teaser Tuesday
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Teaser Tuesday is a great feature in which take a sentence from the current page and book you're reading to so to speak entice, engage, and promote the book to your readers.

Retelling Camelot. As an infant Avalon is stripped of beauty so that all that remains are her dra­matic green eyes. She is taught from birth that Arthur is her des­tiny. Out of curios­ity she watches him in the lake and finds it impos­si­ble not to fall in love—and yet he is the king. It’s not until a love tri­an­gle between Guin­e­vere, Lancelot, and Arthur forces Camelot to the brink of destruc­tion that Arthur real­izes what a fool he has been.

Raised in the shad­ows, sub­servient to the Lady of the Lake, Avalon rises above it all to become the true queen of Camelot. She is the for­got­ten queen … and the sole bearer of Arthur’s heart.

Genre: his­tor­i­cal fan­tasy, folk­lore, fantasy

"She said to tell you that Excalibur would fall silent once Avalon reaches the age of magic: her twenty-fifth birthday."
"Great," he shivered beneath the needle's prick. "Now she tells me."

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  1. Great teaser. I can tell the character voice right away!

    1. Yeah, totally ;)! I am really starting to enjoy this book more and more!