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Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Promo: The Dark Horde by Andrew Drage

Well Helloo everyone! 
Today I have special promo for you! The Dark Horde by Andrew Drage will be available on Amazon for FREE from Monday June 10th until Friday June 14th! To see if you are indeed interested in this book, continue reading the excerpt below! 
Please bare in mind that the genre of this book is Horror therefore may be quite brutal and contain swear words!


1989, rural Victoria, Australia. Something is preying upon the township of Howqua Hills. Brian Derwent, head of the local Police Station, must simultaneously grapple with the investigation, his disintegrating personal life and unseen forces that are not of this world.

Part thriller, part crime-fiction, all supernatural horror, The Dark Horde tells of the return of an ancient evil that is neither stoppable nor comprehensible...

* Indie Excellence Awards 2013 - Finalist (Horror) *

* Indie Excellence Awards 2013 - Finalist (Thriller) *

* Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards 2012 - Honorable Mention (Genre Fiction) *

* Coffin Hop Flash Fiction Contest 2012 – First Place *

Goodreads Rating: 

Barney rose to go to the toilet, leaving the others to have their turns. That was when the doorbell rang, singing its merry ding-dong tune that had always irritated Barney.

“Who the bloody hell is that?” he said. “It’s bloody quarter past twelve!”

Henry and Frank looked up a moment, but showed no sign of moving. Already out of his chair, Barney grumbled, “I’ll get it.” He dragged himself over to the door.

Henry tried different combinations of letters on the board, striving through intoxication to determine which would score him the most points. Frank leaned against the fireplace by the window, drinking homemade whisky and coke because there was no beer left. He seemed oblivious to all except his drink and something out of the window.

Barney’s voice drifted down the corridor, “What the fuck?”

Then there was a ripping sound followed by a dull splatter. Henry and Frank both looked up and heard the morbid resonance of something snapping. Then a huge, hairy, dog- faced figure stepped into the lounge, its upright two-and-a-half metre frame stooped against the ceiling, Barney’s decapitated head hanging by the hair from one of its twenty-centimetre rakes for claws. It glared at them with red, hate-filled eyes the shape of swollen slits, as its bloodied snout curled to reveal a chaotic array of sharpened teeth.

The beast tossed the severed head onto the scrabble table, scattering the pieces over the wooden floor.

Frank stumbled drunkenly to scoop a plumb-axe by the fireplace, but Henry could still see reality through a haze of alcohol and knew that this beast meant only death. The creature stood in the doorway to block that exit, so he retreated into the liquor cellar via the trapdoor by the opposite wall. The beast ignored him, its attention upon Frank with deadly fixation.

Frank leaned against the brick wall of the house with one hand, as he fumbled to ready his weapon in the other.

Wish I wasn’t so pissed.

The beast strode forward, hurling aside the table in its path with a flick of its wrists. A curdled mixture of blood and saliva dripped from its wolfish snout in long ropes.

It grinned.

Frank let out a desperate scream as he swung the axe at the creature’s neck, but his swing was stopped short, as the beast effortlessly caught the blade in its hand.

Read the full Excerpt here

Brewin' (with or without the apostrophe) is the pseudonym of Andrew Drage. He graduated in 1998 with a first-class degree from La Trobe University, majoring in zoology, philosophy and statistics. He has worked as a Senior Research Scientist at the Insectarium of Victoria in his native Australia, publishing on ant behaviour and sampling methodologies.

His debut novel, Evermore: An Introduction, was published to critical acclaim in 2001, and has been republished twice since. The Dark Horde, is his second fiction novel, published for the first time in 2012. Based in Melbourne, he is also a respected IT developer and analyst, and has been editor and designer for the first four books of the highly acclaimed Gamebook Adventures interactive fiction series. This role has culminated in the creation of his own work, Gamebook Adventures: Infinite Universe, released in 2012 on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Make sure to check out Amazon for his FREE Ebook available as of today until this week Friday (June 14th 2013)!

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