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Monday, September 16, 2013

Book Review: A Vampire's Salvation by Virna DePaul

My Rating: 
Book: A Vampire's Salvation
Author: Virna DePaul
Page Numbers: 78 pages
Publication date: April 22nd, 2013

Francesca Marie Stewart has never wanted any man as much as she wants Jake Rios. His chiseled body and dark, intensely masculine energy draw her like a moth to a flame. But Frankie has been burned before, and now a mysterious figure from her troubled past has resurfaced with a terrifying new threat. Can she trust Jake not only with her heart but with her very life?

Jake’s hunger to possess this beautiful redhead goes beyond searing desire. He’s a vampire, and his very existence depends on bonding with a mate. He aches to ravish Frankie, but he must take it slow—for what he will ask of her will require profound sacrifice even as it gives her unimaginable pleasure. And once he has claimed her—body and soul—Jake will go to any lengths to protect her.

My Review:
I received an ARC copy from the author to read and write an honest review in return.

This little saucy novella was a very short and quick read and I (secretly) thoroughly enjoyed it! It has a mixture of drama, suspense, paranormal and LOADS of spicy erotic romance! I must say that this is my first Erotic read, so if this is not your cup of tea, then this would definitely not be the book for you!

Despite primarily always stating to authors that I prefer not to read anything Erotic, I thought I'd widen my range in book preferences and see if I would actually enjoy such a book.

The book starts out meeting one of the main characters, the attractive Frankie Stewart. She claims to be through with men, but when she sees the hunky Jake Rios, she must admit that she would do anything to try to get in bed with him. This is nothing she would openly admit, but it does not stop her from fantasizing about this. She is a sucker for nurturing and taking care of men, and unfortunately in her past romances, men have not always returned this caring attitude back. This holds her back from confronting Jake Rios and admitting to herself what she truly wants.

The story switches around to Frankie and Jackie. I really enjoyed this type of story telling as it gives that detailed perspective on what Frankie and Jackie see, feel and think.
Once reading from Jackie's perspective, the reader quickly finds out that Jackie has mutual feelings for Frankie, perhaps even stronger. We quickly find out that HE is a vampire, and he finds it his calling to be with Frankie and make her his. However, there seem to be other vampires out there who also have an eye on Frankie and rather do not want to see Jackie making Frankie his.

The story develops very, very quickly. In any other book I might have not enjoyed this, but since you know this book will mostly revolve around the saucy heated moments between the main characters, I didn't seem to care that much. Of course the story seemed to revolve all around the main characters' first love scene... AND BOY WAS THIS HOT!
Towards the end, I became a little detached to the story as the pace was too quick to the point where I rolled my eyes to some of the events which were developing towards the end (cliche, cliche...). The story ends with a cliffhanger, which personally did not entice be very much. Only a reader with a definite urge and interest to find out what will be in store next for Frankie and Jackie, their continuance of their romance and the plans of their enemies, will find out.

I would say, if you are into hot EROTIC romance, don't care to let your imagination run loose and wild, then I would definitely like to recommend this book to you.
Besides... it includes sexy hot vampires... which paranormal reader wouldn't want to read about that??

*Please note that this book is recommended for those 18+*