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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Peachy Post: Uhh, Christmas??!

YES, I know it is way too early to think about Christmas, but with this fall-like weather going on here in Holland, I can't help but look a bit forward to Christmas (I know, I'm crazy)!

Not many may know, but I have always been interested in the art of DIYs 
Since forever I've been searching the web and youtube for tricks and ideas. This time I was looking of christmas DIYs and I found a very interesting one which I would love to try out this winter!

Check it out!

Despite lacking experience with DIY projects, I think this one is pretty doable, you just need a lot...a lot... and I mean a lot of patience!!

But I'm going to take the challenge!

Once I have actually accomplished making my very own beautiful Christmas wreath, I will of course share my experience and final result with you!

Have you secretly been looking forward to one of the up-coming holidays? Halloween? Thanksgiving? Or dare I say CHRISTMAS?! Or do you share the opinion of Grumpy Cat...

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  1. LOL cute cat! Being a foodie, Thanksgiving is the holiday I enjoy.

    1. I always used to love Thanksgiving. I went to American Schools where this was always celebrated with much pride and joy :) But now living in Holland, it is not really a holiday here, so my favorite holiday is definitely Christmas :)