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Friday, October 9, 2015

Feature and Follow: A Book I Hated?!

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Question of the Week: 

Question of the Week: Name a book you hated - Suggested by Bookish Findings.

Wow this is a very hard one, and I think this is quite a daring question to answer. Hate is such a dreadful and heavy word, I am going to change it to 'dislike', because truthfully, I have not run into a book which I absolutely loathed (yet?). 

Most the books that I review are from indie-authors, so I would hate to give anyone a bad name through my blog. If I don't like a book, and I cannot finish it anyone due to the fact that it falls out of my preference or there is something else about the book which didn't appeal to me, I label it as a DFN (Did Not Finish). I will then give a small overall impression, but I will not rate the book.

I think most books which weren't to my liking were books which revolved solely around one genre. I think I just receive an overload of that genre which I merely don't like. For example, if the genre is romance, and that book is literally only about romance and nothing else, then I will most probably not like the book. Mostly I adore a book who has a mix of everything. It keeps me on my toes, involved in the action and living through the book with the characters!

Let me know what your response was to this question!

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Have a great Friday everyone!