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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Special from My Dream Literary Collection

Hello Peachy Readers,

This week, I was contacted by a member from with the spontaneous question whether I would like to construct my very own 'Dream literary Collectionlist.
Ehh, what do you mean by that Florentine?? Well...first off, before I dive into the details, let me explain to you what is and what they actually do!

.com is a well-known online auctioning house were auctions are held of collectible items from books, to paintings to symbolic and historical artifacts. Never did I think a website like this existed, where it is so simple to look up your desired collectible item and actually participate in the auctioning of this item.

And in comes... me!

So, I've been granted the awesome privilege to browse through their collectible items, mainly books of course, and spot the books which would make it on my desired literary collection list.
Sounding interesting to you? Then by all means, read on...

Ernest Hemingway: The Sun Also Rises 1926 First Edition 

As some of you may know, back in the day when I was youthful and still beautiful (*sigh* haha), forced to take High School English literature class, I actually had a extreme dislike for the books which were handed to me by my English teacher. I was a little "rebel" back then, so book after book I had to haul myself through the process of reading (almost) each chapter and completing my homework.

But one book which I absolutely adored and always stuck by me 'til today, was The Sun Also Rises by the greatest Ernest Hemingway. To this day, this book still touches me emotionally and it symbolically means a lot to me due to the memories it awakens and the feelings I have for the characters, story line and of course Mr. Hemingway. This collectible is therefore on the TOP of my "Dream Literary Collection" list!

A Collection of 20 Beatrix Potter Books including "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"
    My mother was somewhat a little obsessed with Beatrix Potter, especially the tales of Peter Rabbit! I had all the little books, teacups and plates! Whenever I see or hear about Peter Rabbit it brings me warm memories which I definitely one day would like to share with my own children one day!
    Oh and did  mention that I played one of the character's in "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"? There's actually a song about Peter Rabbit and a not so nice annotation is made towards Peter Rabbit, sung by Lucy:
    I always shook my head at this statement, but despite that, it was always fun to sing due to the upbeat melody. It still sticks with me oddly enough!

"La Atlántida" Mossèn Jacint Verdaguer: Signed and dedicated by the author

Even though my Spanish needs some polishing, this is one book which I would love to own! Who doesn't know the story of "La Atlantida"? The lost empire which is suppose to be mysteriously dwelling under the deep, deep ocean? I remember watching the animation movie "Atlantis" and since then I was becoming more and more compelled by its essence, imagining myself to be that famous adventurer who would one day discover this beautiful and mysterious Empire.

The book cover is absolutely stunning, and would definitely pass as a beautiful artifact in my book shelf display!

I believe Bambi was the first Disney movie I had ever seen! As a little kid, I was completely mesmerized by the beautiful animations and the story line. Everything and every character in the story was so intriguing that even now, 23 years later, the story still pulls at all my emotions. 

I am pretty sure many of you may feel the same way, as Bambi is simply a classic. Hence, it would be an absolute honor to own the First Edition of Bambi's story!

Oh, you haven't heard? YES, I am absolutely obsessed and addicted to all things which have to to with Disney! How bad? I basically get emotional at the end of every Disney movie or commercial. That Bad.

Thus, owning this 'coffee table book' would be one of my prized possessions, which I would want to show(off) to every visitor in my home.

So what do you think about my Dream Literary Collection list? Do you see yourself being interested in purchasing one of these collectibles? 

I encourage all of you to head over to, this site has such a great overview of all their items and it may be very possible that you may find that item you've always wanted and been searching for!!