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Friday, November 6, 2015

Introducing: NearSt!

Last week I was contacted by a very interested group who have recently launched a very clever and innovative concept, which definitely benefits not only you but also your local bookstores. The concept is fresh and comes in the form of an app which you can download on your mobile or tablet called, NearSt. Now what is NearSt exactly and what does it stand for?

What is it?
NearSt's mission to get people back into their local bookshops. Some of us may forget our bookstores since everything is so conveniently in our reach through the online stores at the click of a button. But this convenience is taking a toll on bookstores around the world, and these guys want to bring a positive change. For those readers who do not always have the time to browse through bookstores, they’re given a simplified solution which benefits both parties (the buyer and your local bookstore).

We're starting with bookshops, as they add so much to local communities and for their customers but are also one of the product categories that has been hit most by the rise of online shopping.

So, how does it work?
NearSt has made it easier for readers to find their desired book in their local bookshop. So easy, that you no longer will feel the need to go online to browse through webpages to find the best deal for your book. In this way, you are not only make things more convenient for yourself, but also provide more value and contribution to your local bookstore.

An amazing and very clever idea, don’t you think??

Get Started!
Download the app first by going to your app store in iTunes.
Then continue by  following these three easy steps to successfully find your favourite book in your local bookstore:

     ♥ Just search for a book as though you were looking for it in any other online shop

     ♥ Select - NearSt will show you which bookshops have your book nearest to you, right now!

     ♥ Collect - Just tap to request the book from a shop, they'll get a notification and check their shelves right there and then, and if they've got it they will ping you a notification back to pop by and pick it up as soon as you're ready!

Sounds amazing and easy to use, right? Check out their demo video to get an even better idea of how the app works:

NearSt is currently available for iOS in London, but expanding quickly to other UK and EU cities and to Android in 2016. They have 20,000 books already in their inventory across London bookshops, with more books being added every few seconds and more shops every few days.

The Team:
NearSt is being built by Nick, Max, and Thomas - three guys in London trying to help get people back into local shops.
The idea for NearSt came from a very literal 'lightbulb moment' - Max was due to have some friends over for dinner when the light went in his living room. He went out to find it in his nearby shops, and after visiting half a dozen different businesses over the course of an hour, eventually found it 100m away from his front door.

Nick is from the UK, while Max and Thomas are both Dutchmen.

Want to discover more about this new innovative and very clever app? Check out their Social Media links for more information: