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Friday, February 26, 2016

Feature & Follow: Ten Reasons You Read Your Favorite Genre

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"Give Ten Reasons Why You Read Your Favorite Genre"

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Feature & Follow
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I think it is well known by my readers and followers that I only read Young adult books, but I truly don't always stick to a standard genre in this sector. 

I definitely have my preferences and those are mostly dystopian, paranormal, and fantasy! My favorites are those that have dystopian, paranormal and/or fantasy intertwined with bits of other genres like drama, romance and thriller!

Here are my 10 Reasons Why:

  1. Simply put, it makes me feel good! Reading about exciting stuff, such as about a dystopain world, makes me so excited and alive. It sounds corny, but once I'm reading a book in my genre(s) preference which I'm totally digging, I can get so exciting that I often scream out (out of nowhere) "YAAAAS!!!", haha I know I'm weird :P

  2. It keeps me engaged! I've tried and I've tried, but when I'm reading a book which is actually outside of my genre preference, I simply get so disinterested! This resulted to many DNFs (Did Not Finish) and find it a waste of mine and of course the authors time!

  3. The characters! I find a pattern in the dystopian/paranormal/romantic/etc books I read... the protagonist are either super interesting due to their special powers or talents; or they are super hot!! Never hurt anybody, right? :D

  4. The variation! Since I like my genres mixed up (but predominantly relating to paranormal, dystopian, and/or Fantasy), it keeps me more on the edge of my seat (or sofa.. or bed). Authors who have the talent in succeeding this end up to be my favorites!

  5. It's what I know and what I'm used to and love. Ever since I really got into Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, I was hooked and I like to keep it that way  Don't get me wrong, I've definitely looked outside of the margins and tried some different genres. But none of them floated my boat as well as my preferred genres!

  6. The setting of the story.The setting of stories in the genres I read are mostly so lively and impelling, and have an impeccable way of building up throughout the story.

  7. It is more exciting! When I am watching a movie, I normally end up liking it due to the crazy action scenes or the fantastic characterizations or their connection and perhaps romance. When I for example watch a political type movie, or a movie which only contains dialogue... you can find me sleepin' on the couch... well... same things counts for me books :)!

  8. Sequels, sequels, sequels! I think  I can say with certainty that every book I've read in this genre has (had) a sequel... and boy do I love 'em !|

  9. Author's creativity! The amount of creativity needed from the author to write a good dystopian, paranormal and/or fantasy story is beyond me!! I truly appreciate this talent in creativity which always entices me to engage even more into the genre, the story and the author's work!

  10. Imagination required from the reader! I would like to say I have quite a wild and broad imagination, and what's better than to let my imagination run wild and loose while reading creative and intriguing paranormal, dystopian and fantasy books?! 

What were your top reasons for reading your genre? I would LOVE to have followers via Facebook, GFC, Email, or Bloglovin'!!

Let me know if you are a new follower, I would love to come by and check out your blog and follow back :)!

Have a great weekend everyone!