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Things to know about me!

Reviewer’s name: 
Florentine van Doornmalen

Best method of contact: 
You can email me your reviews to

Do you accept independent and small press books? 

Do you accept audio books? 
No, thank you.

Genres that you accept:
This is not in any particular preference order:
  • Young Adult books 
  • Paranormal 
  • Romance 
  • Horror 
  • Thriller 
  • Mystery 
  • Fantasy 
  • Fiction 
  • Sci-Fi 
  • Dystopian
Genres that you do NOT accept: 
  • Religion 
  • Nonfiction 
  • Heavy erotica (I don’t mind a spicy romantic scene but nothing too overwhelming) 
  • Biographies 
  • History
Do you accept nonfiction? If so, what type of material do you accept? 
No, thank you.

Do you accept any adult content or erotica? 
Yes, as long it’s not too excessive.

Do you accept e-books? If so, what format? 
I definitely do accept Ebooks, and if possible I would always love to receive a print copy. If the author would like to it as an eBook I would accept it in .Mobi format.

Do you host online blog tours for authors? 
Yes, I am a blog tour host with YA Bound Book Tours.

Do you host contests/giveaways? 
Yes! I would also love to do spotlights, cover reveals, interviews, and all that other good stuff!

Approximate turn-around time for reviews: 
Depending on the amount of requests I have I would like to say to the author 1 month in order to avoid disappointment.

What are your “pet peeves” when authors or publishers contact you for a review?
When they have not read my book genre preferences and send me the exact contrary. Please contact me on the email provided on this questionnaire and also noted on my ‘About me’ page on my blog. I also do not like authors/publishers insisting I should rate their book 4-5 stars. My reviews are completely honest and non-biased.  

Other than your own website, where else do you post your book reviews? 
Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter. I can post it on any other platform the author/publisher desires.

Do you request fees for any type of promotion or service? 
I would accept if offered of course, but I do not ask for any fees at this point from the authors/publishers.