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Friday, June 22, 2012

Peachy went MIA??

Hi Dear Peachy Readers!

I have a lot of explaining to do, but to start, I would first like to explain why I have basically been MIA (Missing In Action) for the last few weeks! Well... I finally moved to London and started my internship as a HR (Human Resources)Trainee at a hotel. It's been a wild and exciting trip so far, but also very busy and hectic! That is actually one of the main reasons why I haven't been active on my blog... Another reason is that I had to study for a very important exam... finance...and the amount of love I have for reading is equal to the amount how hatred I have for studying, and especially finance! But unfortunately that is still a part of my bachelor degree and I must complete it in order to graduate! So my exam is this upcoming Monday and after that I will fly straight back to London!
Finally after this hectic moment in my life I will have more time to read more peachy books and post more reviews, vlogs, updates and more! Just bare with me for these upcoming days and keep checking back!

Again I would like to apologize to my readers and the authors who have sent me their books, but please have a little more patience with me and soon I will get straight back into the blogging action ;) I look forward to it and I hope you do too!