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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Peachy News: Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Trailer #2!

Another very exciting development of the movie City of Bones has developed! Not only has a new cinematic poster been revealed of the movie, but also the theatrical trailer has debuted last night.

This trailer is much longer than the first short teaser, and it reveals many more aspects of the story such as the characters and some action packed scenes! We get to see Jocelyn Fairchild, the mother of Clary, and Luke Greyback. We see the exciting primary parts of the book where Clary and Simon go out to the club and Clary witnesses Jace, Alex and Isabel killing a vampire in the club. We also have a peek at how Clary's mom disappears and Clary is attacked for the first time by a demon.

I loved this trailer since there were many parts which so far really stay true to the actual story, and quotes which were word-for-word taken from the book! I hope that this is a sign that the movie will be an exact true-reflection of the book itself and that there is nothing to be disappointed about in the end ;)

I am trying out something new on my blog where I want to show my reactions and thoughts on new book arrivals, cover reveals, book-movie trailers, and more, depending on to what extent I want to take this idea. See here below my reaction and thoughts on the new trailer and let me know what you think :)

So what did you guys think about the trailer and what was you're reaction? Feel free to share in the comments below, under my reaction video, or as a video response!

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  1. I just finished City of Bones last night so this post is most welcome. I'm still conflicted. I don't know about the actor for Jace or Luke. I think Clary, Simon, Alec, and Isaebelle, all look good but the Percy Jackson movie has scarred me. So I'm afraid this might not be as good as it looks.

    And it looks good. I just hope they don't ruin it.

    1. Ugh I know what you mean! I just really hope they don't screw it up. I was quite disappointing with the Harry Potter films and also The Hunger Games... I think its just incomparable to the books! Just shows to be that reading the story is always better thanw watching it!! ;p