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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Peachy Interview & TWO Giveaways: Featuring Marc Johnson from "The Passage of Hellsfire" series!

Hello Peachy readers,
It is with my greatest pleasure that I would like to introduce to you one of the most awesome and inspiring authors I have ever had the chance to meet, Marc Johnson.

Marc Johnson is currently working on a great mystical series called "The Passage of Hellsfire". His first three books of this wonderful series are already out and available for purchase!

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Also, please feel free to check out my reviews on the Catalyst and What Once Was One!

Now without further ado, enjoy my interview with Marc Johnson! His answers are truly inspiring!

Interview with Marc Johnson

How did you start as an author? What prompted you to start writing?

"I’ve been writing since I was about 7 or so. I have all these stories and ideas in my head and as long as I can remember, I’ve ached to get them out. Writing seemed to be the only feasible option at the time. If I could have drawn, I would have made comics. If I could afford to shoot a film, I would have. Strangely enough, I still want to work in both of those mediums."

Have you written anything before Catalyst? 

"I wrote a few short stories, which will never see the light of day without heavy rewrites. Catalyst was my first long work. I wrote the first draft when I was 13 and about twice a year I rewrote the entire thing from scratch until I was about 19."

It all starts with the first book of the series ‘The Passage of Hellsfire”, Catalyst. How did you come up with Hellsfire’s story and the world he lives in? 

"It came to me in a dream. I dreamt of fire and from that fire rose Hellsfire. Like I said, I wrote it when I was 13, and it was originally supposed to be a 30-page short story. However, whenever I rewrote it, it got longer and longer, and the world kept getting fleshed out. I want to say that when I was 15 or 16, I realized it could be a series."

Your books are thus far extremely fast paced, filled with great suspenseful action scenes and awesome heroic and terrifying characters, drawn in outrageous and dangerous landscapes and circumstances… Where do you draw your inspiration from and find the talent to consistently keep the readers intrigued and engaged into the story?

"Thanks for the kind words :) A lot of credit must go to my editor, Lauren Sweet. She sees how badly the early first drafts are. She helps me flesh out what I meant to say and deepens the world and characters. It takes an incredible amount of work to get my manuscripts into something enjoyable, much less readable. That’s why it takes me a year or two before I release another book."

Hellsfire sounds like a very intense and dark name, while this is quite the contrary to who Hellsfire actually is. Are we going to learn something darker and perhaps sinister about the protagonist’s nature and power?

"Without spoiling too much, yes. I’ve revealed some of this information bit by bit as the series has gone on. It will get revealed more and trust me when I say, everything will be explained by the time the series is over."

How many books in total are we to expect from this thrilling series?

"There will be six total. When The Passage of Hellsfire is complete, I may eventually write a trilogy about Shala and Renak’s War of the Wizards. While that’ll take place in the same world, It’ll be at least 1000 years before Hellsfire was ever born. It will also be completely different since those two will know how to use their powers, and Renak had his reasons for doing what he did.

But before I get to that, there’s at least one or two standalone contemporary books, that I may write. Who knows? Like I said I have a lot of ideas in my head."

What can we expect in the third book of the series, Reawakening?

"Reawakening will be the most fantastical of all the books. It’s going to take Hellsfire far. It will test him in ways he didn’t realize were possible, and he’s not going to come out of it the same."

Do you already have the title set of the still to be published 4th installment of the series “Passage of Hellsfire”?

"I do. It’s called Eternal Darkness. "

If you would like to share a few personal words with the readers, do so below

"Thanks for the interview, Florentine, and for giving my series a chance! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my books so far. I hope your readers also give a chance and enjoy it. I think they’d be in for quite a fun, romantic, magical adventure. And anyone who reads it, I would love to know what you think about it. Hope you enjoy it!"

About this author:
Marc Johnson has moved a lot since his parents divorced when he was two. He also can't answer a straight question and has developed a taste for sarcastic wit over the years. Probably also for the same reason. He hasn't won any awards, but he does have a deep knowledge of Transformers, Star Trek, and The Twilight Zone--his top three geeky loves. He writes because he loves stories and hopes to one day have written something successful as a movie, TV show, comic, book, magazine, and play. Marc Johnson also loves to game, whether it be video, card, or board. He loves to test his mind in the challenges they bring...until the zombie, alien, or robot apocalypse comes.

If you love a story with majestic and malignant creatures, a benevolent, brave and beautiful protagonist, a world bound with magic and wondrous kingdoms, and a fast paced and electrifying storyline, then this is the series for you!! - Readiculously Peachy

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