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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Review: Dreamer by Jane Susann MacCarter

"Everything Happens... now in my life... in God's perfect order. Yeah right..."- Stella Denton

My Rating:
Book: Dreamer
Author: Jane Susann MacCarter
Page Numbers: 155 pages
Publication date: February 7th, 2013

My Review:
I received a copy from the author to read and review in return. 

The story starts off with a bucket full of suspense and originality, which immediately drew me close to the characters and the entire story. The story was often filled with descriptions rather than dialogues, which is practically nothing bad about the book itself, as I realized throughout and especially towards the end of the book, that this information is paramount to the events that were to come. Once I had almost reached the midpoint of the book, the action, romance, and suspense started to peak again, and I could not stop from reading the remaining 60% of the book within a couple of hours. Dreamer has such a unique concept to it, and it was the first time I had ever read or heard anything about the world the main character was thrown in. It is one of those worlds which is so beautifully molded and created by the author, that it makes you desperately wishing throughout that you were right there with the protagonist in this world. Let's get into the details!

The story starts off with Stella Denton, a 20-year-old college student. Stella considers her looks to be comparative to a 'young, solid-bodied cleaning lady'. She has not been blessed by beauty as she has a "pensive squirrelly face and unfortunate prominent teeth". Solely her large light blue eyes are those that give away an utmost hint of beauty. My first impression of Stella was that I found her quite vulnerable, insecure, and ordinary person. Reading about the emotions and happenings she went through due to her mother's death, these first impression came over more than realistic to me.

The story quickly spins off in suspension and action where Stella and her thirtysomething, Paleoanthropology Instructor (that' s a mouth full!), Professor (Harry) Vale, find themselves together in a convenient store. The moment that they stand in line to purchase their items, there are two conspicuous men who have plans to rob the store and not leave quietly. The scene dramatically unfold to Professor Vale being shot in the leg and Stella receiving a ricocheted bullet in her head. They are both rushed to the hospital, but only Professor Vale comes out conscious, whereas Stella drowns in a coma which journeys her soul into a world far, far away from the one she is normally accustomed to, but which is still rarely familiar to her.
Through the course of Stella's coma, Professor Vale takes care of her and realizes the deep emotions he feels for her which he had never expected. He feels compelled to take care of her and finds his own comfort in this. This was such a pure quality of his, which made me feel compassion but simultaneously sadness for him.

During Stella's coma, her soul journeys to the pre-historic town called Jarmo, seen as an idyllic Eden Stella had learned about in her last class with Professor Vale. Her whole appearance has taken a turn for the opposite as she is no longer Stella the buck-teeth squirrelly girl, but Stella the beautiful-tanned-skin, tall, slim, and wavy-brunette-locks-woman. Her personal development is amazing to witness, as she not only grows into this beautiful woman on the outside but also on the inside.
Stella is immediately sent to the chief of Jarmo, who seems to have a certain resemblance of the Professor Harry Vale back in the 21st century, only far more enhanced and beautified. Slowly Stella is completely engulfed into her new life where she learns the way of living in Jarmo and falls deeply in love with Harry her new found soul mate. Stella still remembers everything about the accident and soon realizes that her life back in the 21st-century is slowly trying to take her soul back. This happens in the most inconvenient and terrible timing, and Stella is torn away from her life in Jarmo to deal with the reality of her life in present day. She will try anything to come back to Jarmo, no matter the consequences, which were both heartbreaking but so encouraging and passionate to me. The ending was so heart warming, tear jerking and also extremely exciting, as Stella's adventure do not simply end there.

I recommend this book to readers who want to learn from a book which is full of beautiful and enticing descriptions of a place far back in pre-historic times, and notice life-learning hidden messages throughout the story; someone who enjoys a story bundled with an abundance of raw and passionate romance, humor, great characters and loads of new found excitement.

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  1. Sounds like a great book! I hope I get to read it!


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    1. Hi Think! Thank you so much for checking out my blog :) I will definitely check out your site ;)

      Hope to see you around more often!:)

  3. Great review! :) It sounds like a good book, and the cover is...Beautiful! I might add it to my TBR list.

    Happy Reading, Blogger-buddy! :)

    1. Thank you KayKay! Yes the cover is truly beautiful and so is the story! I hope you give it a chance to read:)

      Thanks for stopping by again :)