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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Feature: W...W...W... Wednesday

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Waiting on Wednesday

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Breaking the Spine

Waiting on Wednesday is a fun meme where the blogger 'spotlights' 1-3 books which are upcoming releases which they eagerly anticipate.

1. Introduce 1-3 (or as many as you want) books which are soon to be released which you are eagerly anticipating
2. Explain as to why you are anticipating the release of this/these book(s)

So it is time for another W...W...W... Wednesday! I decided to switch my method of reading since last week. Due to the fact that I have so many book review requests to go through (not only from NetGalley but also from independent authors), I decided I needed to up my pace a little. Hence, I will be reading two books at once (one book from a request of an independent author and one from NetGalley)! I will see how that works out for me after a while of doing it, but so far so good! So let's start with the W...W...W...!

I am currently reading Dreamer by Jane Susann MacCarterI received this book from the author herself and it is so far very exciting! I find it so far such an interesting and original story line and I can't wait to see where the story will bring the characters to!

I hope to have my review up by next week, but in the mean time if you want to know more about Dreamer, then please click the "Goodreads" button below or check out more information on the author herself! 

I would like to present my next book which I have gleefully received from NetGalley: The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa! I have read and heard so much praise about this book. I started reading this book months ago when I received it via NetGalley, but since I did not have Kindle back in those days I had to read it on my laptop... and that just did not work for me.

Now that I have a Kindle I requested it again and I was lucky to receive a copy once again!
The beginning of the book already sucks you into the story and I have a confident feeling that this series might become one of my favorite ones!
If you are interested and want to know more, check out the book on Goodreads and more information about the author!

My last book which I finished reading was The Collector by Victoria Scott. I was so happy to have received this book via NetGalley since I had read a few reviews about this book. The moment I got into it I was completely in love with the story and the characters. Please read my review HERE. I seriously can't wait until Victoria's second book comes out from this series (The Liberator).

Oh, there is so much to choose from, I am a very lucky reader ;) I believe my next two books which I will read are:

The next book which I will be reading, which I have received from an independent author, is The Forgotten Queen by Annette Mackey. I accepted to take on this book due to the great synopsis, so make sure to check it out on Goodreads. Also make sure to check out the author's page.

The second book which I will be reading next is the second book out of the Blood of Eden The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa. Once I start with a series, if I can, I try to follow with the next book right after finishing the first book. In this way I can keep in the mood of the story. And besides that, I am sure that I will be depserate to continue reading (seeing the praise this series has received). 

Let me know what you what you think and if you have read or heard of any of the books mentioned above! Also, share with me your WWW-Wednesday in the comments below!